January 6, 2018

olsnodes commands in Oracle RAC 11g / 12c

Oracle RAC 11g / 12c OLSNODES commands

Provides list of nodes and other information for all nodes participating in cluster.

olsnodes [node_name] [-g] [-i] [-l] [-n] [-p] [-s] [-t] [-v]    ==> in Oracle RAC 11g

# olsnodes [ [ [-n] [-i] [-s] [-t] [ | -l [-p]] ] | [-c] | [-a] ] [-g] [-v] ==> in Oracle RAC 12c

node_name -- displays information for the particular node

g -- more details (turn on logging)

i -- with VIP

l -- local node name

n -- with node number (with the node name)

p -- private interconnect

s -- status of the node (ACTIVE or INACTIVE)

t -- type of the node (PINNED or UNPINNED)

v -- verbose, Run in debug mode

c -- clusterware name (From 12c Oracle RAC)

a -- print active node roles of the nodes in the cluster (From 12c Oracle RAC)

How to find out nodes in Oracle RAC cluster?
# olsnodes             -- will list nodes in the cluster

# olsnodes -n

# olsnodes node44 -v

# olsnodes -n -p -i
node1-pub 1 node1-prv node1-vip
node2-pub 2 node2-prv node2-vip

# olsnodes -i

# olsnodes -c

$ olsnodes -n -i -s -t

$ olsnodes -s -t -v

How to find out the nodes in cluster (or) how to find out the master node?

# olsnodes     - Which ever displayed first, is the master node of the cluster.

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