January 6, 2019

ocrcheck commands in Oracle RAC 11g / 12c

Oracle RAC 11g / 12c ocrcheck cheatsheet

OCRCHECK: -- Displays health of OCR (Oracle Cluster Registry) / Oracle Local Registry (OLR).

$ ocrcheck -help or ocrcheck -h
Usage in Oracle 11g: ocrcheck [-config] [-local]
Usage in Oracle 12c: ocrcheck [-config | -backupfile backupfilename] [-details] [-local]
  -config    Displays the configured locations of the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR). This can be used with the -local option to display the configured location of the Oracle Local Registry (OLR).
  -details Displays detailed configuration information.
  -local The operation will be performed on the Oracle Local Registry.
  -backupfile backupfilename    The operation will be performed on the backup file.

$ ocrcheck
Version : 2
Total space (kbytes) : 262144
Used space (kbytes) : 16256
Available space (kbytes) : 245888
ID : 1918913332
Device/File Name : /dev/raw/raw1 Device/File integrity check succeeded
Device/File Name : /dev/raw/raw2 Device/File integrity check succeeded
Cluster registry integrity check succeeded

# ocrcheck -local
Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
Version  :  3
Total space (kbytes) : 262132
Used space (kbytes) : 9200
Available space (kbytes) : 252932
ID :  604793089
Device/File Name : /u02/crs/cdata/localhost/lnx6.olr  Device/File integrity check succeeded
Local OCR integrity check succeeded

$ ocrcheck -local -config

Log file will be $ORACLE_HOME/log/node_name/client/ocrcheck_pid.log

Debugging can be controlled through $ORA_CRS_HOME/srvm/admin/ocrlog.ini

How do I identify the OCR (or OLR) file location?
# ocrcheck

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