September 7, 2016

oifcfg commands in Oracle RAC 11g / 12c

OIFCFG: -- Oracle Interface Configuration tool commands in 12c / 11g Oracle RAC.

A command line tool for both single instance Oracle databases and RAC databases that enables us to allocate and deallocate network interfaces to components, direct components to use specific network interfaces, and retrieve component configuration information.

oifcfg [-help] -- will give help
$ ./oifcfg -help
$ ./oifcfg

oifcfg iflist [-p [-n]]
-p includes description of the subnet, -n includes subnet mask

oifcfg iflist          -- display a list of current subnets

oifcfg iflist -p -n
etho UNKNOWN (public interfaces are UNKNOWN)

oifcfg getif [-node node_name|-global] [-if if_name[/subnet] [-type {cluster_interconnect|public|storage}]]
-- To display a list of networks

oifcfg getif
eth1 global cluster_interconnect
eth0 global public

oifcfg setif {-node node_name|-global} {if_name/subnet:{cluster_interconnect|public|storage}}...
oifcfg setif -global eth0/
oifcfg setif -global eth0/

oifcfg delif [-node node_name|-global] [if_name[/subnet]]
oifcfg delif -global
oifcfg delif -global eth0
oifcfg delif -global eth1/

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