January 6, 2019

cluvfy commands in Oracle RAC 11g / 12c

CLUVFY: Cluster Verification Utility commands in 11g / 12c RAC

cluvfy [-help] or cluvfy -h

cluvfy stage {-pre|-post} stage_name stage_specific_options [-verbose]

Valid stage options and stage names are:
        -post hwos    :  post-check for hardware and operating system
        -pre  cfs       :  pre-check for CFS setup
        -post cfs       :  post-check for CFS setup
        -pre  crsinst  :  pre-check for CRS installation
        -post crsinst  :  post-check for CRS installation
        -pre  hacfg   :  pre-check for HA configuration
        -post hacfg   :  post-check for HA configuration
        -pre  dbinst   :  pre-check for database installation
        -pre  acfscfg  :  pre-check for ACFS Configuration.
        -post acfscfg  :  post-check for ACFS Configuration.
        -pre  dbcfg   :  pre-check for database configuration
        -pre  nodeadd :  pre-check for node addition.
        -post nodeadd :  post-check for node addition.
        -post nodedel  :  post-check for node deletion.

cluvfy stage -post hwos -n node_list [-verbose]
./runcluvfy.sh stage -post hwos -n node1,node2 -verbose
-- Installation checks after hwos - Hardware and Operating system installation

cluvfy stage -pre cfs -n node_list [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -post cfs -n node_list [-verbose]
-- Installation checks before/after Cluster File System

cluvfy stage -pre crsinst -n node_list [-c ocr_location] [-r {10gR1|10gR2|11gR1|11gR2}] [-q voting_disk] [-osdba osdba_group] [-orainv orainventory_group] [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -pre crsinst -n node1,node2,node3
./runcluvfy.sh stage -pre crsinst -n all -verbose
cluvfy stage -post crsinst -n node_list [-verbose]
-- Installation checks before/after CRS installation

cluvfy stage -pre dbinst -n node_list [-r {10gR1|10gR2|11gR1|11gR2}] [-osdba osdba_group] [-orainv orainventory_group] [-verbose]
cluvfy stage -pre dbcfg -n node_list -d oracle_home [-verbose]
-- Installation checks before/after DB installation/configuration


cluvfy comp component_name component_specific_options [-verbose]

Valid components are:
        nodereach : checks reachability between nodes
        nodecon    : checks node connectivity
        cfs         : checks CFS integrity
        ssa        : checks shared storage accessibility
        space     : checks space availability
        sys        : checks minimum system requirements
        clu         : checks cluster integrity
        clumgr   : checks cluster manager integrity
        ocr        : checks OCR integrity
        olr        : checks OLR integrity
        ha        : checks HA integrity
        crs        : checks CRS integrity
        nodeapp   : checks node applications existence
        admprv    : checks administrative privileges
        peer        : compares properties with peers
        software  : checks software distribution
        asm        : checks ASM integrity
        acfs        : checks ACFS integrity
        gpnp       : checks GPnP integrity
        gns         : checks GNS integrity
        scan        : checks SCAN configuration
        ohasd      : checks OHASD integrity
        clocksync  : checks Clock Synchronization
        vdisk        : check Voting Disk Udev settings

cluvfy comp nodereach -n node_list [-srcnode node] [-verbose]
cluvfy comp nodecon -n node_list [-i interface_list] [-verbose]
cluvfy comp nodecon -n node1,node2,node3 –i eth0 -verbose
cluvfy comp nodeapp [-n node_list] [-verbose]

cluvfy comp peer [-refnode node] -n node_list [-r {10gR1|10gR2|11gR1|11gR2}] [-orainv orainventory_group] [-osdba osdba_group] [-verbose]
cluvfy comp peer -n node1,node2 -r 10gR2 -verbose

cluvfy comp crs [-n node_list] [-verbose]
cluvfy comp cfs [-n node_list] -f file_system [-verbose]
cluvfy comp cfs -f /oradbshare –n all -verbose

cluvfy comp ocr [-n node_list] [-verbose]
cluvfy comp clu -n node_list -verbose
cluvfy comp clumgr [-n node_list] [-verbose]

cluvfy comp sys [-n node_list] -p {crs|database} [-r {10gR1|10gR2|11gR1|11gR2}] [-osdba osdba_group] [-orainv orainventory_group] [-verbose]
cluvfy comp sys -n node1,node2 -p crs -verbose

cluvfy comp admprv [-n node_list] [-verbose] |-o user_equiv [-sshonly] |-o crs_inst [-orainv orainventory_group] |-o db_inst [-orainv orainventory_group] [-osdba osdba_group] |-o db_config -d oracle_home

cluvfy comp ssa [-n node_list] [-s storageID_list] [-verbose]
cluvfy comp space [-n node_list] -l storage_location -z disk_space{B|K|M|G} [-verbose]
cluvfy comp space -n all -l /home/dbadmin/products –z 2G -verbose

cluvfy comp olr

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  1. cluvfy commands ok..when,where,how,why? if you post anything, it should be understand by anyone, those who didnt know oracle too. keep in mind. think it. and publish ur posts.

    if you have blog for yorr reference, no problem,

    rajeshkumar govindarajan
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  2. Yes Rajesh,

    This is just cheat sheet...

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  4. Hi

    This was my exam question, not sure about the answer.
    Appreciate your help.

    The cluster origanally consisted of four nodes: RACNODE1, RACNODE2, RACNODE3 and RACNODE3.
    Now two nodes called RACNODE5 and RACNODE6 have been installed and connected to the cluster.
    Which three should be performed to check whether the new nodes are ready for running addNode.sh and to help correct problems ?

    a-)cluft stage -pre crsinst -n RACNODE5/RACNODE6 -C +DATA -q +VOTE -orainv
    b-) -fixup -verbose
    c-)clufy stage -post hwos -n RACNODE5,RACNODE6 -verbose
    d-)clufy comp peer -refnode RACNODEI -n RACNODE6,RACNODE6 -orainv -osdba -verbose
    e-)clufy stage -post hwos -n all -verbose
    f-)clufy stage -pre nodeadd -n RACNODES5,RACNODE6 -fixup
    g-)clufy comp peer -refnode RACNODE5 -n RACNODE6 -orainv -osdba -verbose

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    This is just cheat sheet of cluvfy commands.

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  10. Please refer this http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14072_01/rac.112/e10717/cvu.htm

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