January 6, 2017

ocrdump commands in Oracle RAC 11g / 12c

Oracle RAC 11g / 12c ocrdump commands

OCRDUMP: -- dumps OCR (Oracle Cluster Registry) / OLR (Oracle Local Registry) contents to a file

# ocrdump -help or ocrdump -h

# ocrdump [-local] [file_name|-stdout] [-backupfile backup_filename] [-keyname key_name] [-xml] [-noheader]

# ocrdump               -- default filename is OCRDUMPFILE
# ocrdump MYFILE
# ocrdump ${HOST}_OCRDUMP
# ocrdump -backupfile my_file
# ocrdump -stdout -keyname SYSTEM
# ocrdump -stdout -xml
$ ocrdump -local olr.lst                 --> Normal Text Format
$ ocrdump -local -xml olr_xml.lst  --> XML format
$ ocrdump -local -backupfile olr_backup_file_name
$ ocrdump -backupfile $CRS_HOME/backup.ocr -stdout -xml

Log file will be $ORACLE_HOME/log/node_name/client/ocrdump_pid.log

Debugging can be controlled through $ORA_CRS_HOME/srvm/admin/ocrlog.ini

How to take backup of OCR file?
# ocrdump -backupfile my_file

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